Borzou Ouranos, D.D.S.Dentist

    Dr. Ouranos graduated from Indiana University with his doctorate and quickly realized that he would be a lifelong learner. He is passionate about delivering outstanding dental care and is continually learning about changes and advancements in dentistry to best serve his patients. His sunny disposition creates a friendly atmosphere for you to work towards your dental goals. But he is not all seriousness; he enjoys cracking a few jokes during a visit, so don’t be surprised if you leave laughing!

    Outside of the office Dr. Ouranos delights in the 300 days of sunshine in Colorado; you can find him rock climbing, running, or spending time with his wife and twin daughters. Dr. Ouranos is not only an outdoorsman; he enjoys pursuing creative activities like solving puzzles, building models, playing the bass, or dabbling in the cinema. He is also passionate about giving back to his community and regularly volunteers for Dental Lifeline, providing vulnerable populations with dental care.

    Dr Ouranos