We Love Being in Denver’s Sloan’s Lake & Highlands Communities

  • Our Sloan’s Lake Dental office is located on West 29th Avenue just northwest of downtown Denver in “SloHi” – where Sloan’s Lake meets the Highlands.
  • We consider our patients from the areas nearby truly our neighbors and are passionate about providing the best quality dental care to them available.
  • At Sloan’s Lake Dental, we accept most all dental insurance plans.
  • Great discounts available with our Dental Advantage Plan. 
  • We are accepting new patients too!
  • Sloan’s Lake Dental

Sloan’s Lake Dental

2750 W 29th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (303) 477-7776
Email: sloanslake@dentistryofcolorado.com

Directions to Our Office
We are located in Denver just east of Sloan’s Lake and east of Federal Blvd (287) near the intersection of West 29th Ave. and Speer Blvd.  Close to North High School and just north of Mile High Stadium (Go Broncos!). See map…

Office Hours

Monday7:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

If CLOSED, call for emergencies.

Patient Focused Dentistry

Our approach to your oral health is not about the single tooth, it’s about the whole picture. At Sloan’s Lake Dental, we approach your care comprehensively and consider your bite, your tooth position, and your overall health history.

Do You Get a Bit Anxious?

If you get nervous at the dentist office, we can help. No need to feel any fear at all. You can choose from nitrous (laughing gas), oral sedation (a pill to calm you) or we can put you to sleep (IV sedation.)

Tooth EmergencySame Day Emergencies

If you are in pain and need a dentist NOW, we are here for you. We have dentists on call to serve you 24-7. CALL US

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Our patients are busy people and we don’t expect them to work their life around our schedule. We have convenient hours that won’t make you miss work or school.We offer early morning and evening appointments during the week. And we also have weekend hours. We’ll get you an appointment when YOU need it!

A Full-Range of Dental Services Available

At Sloan’s Lake Dental, you will find a comprehensive range of dental services. Whether its crowns, fillings, implants, veneers, oral surgery, root canals, orthodontics or treatment for gum issues, we have the in-house expertise to handle your needs. You won’t have to face the headaches of setting up multiple appointments with different specialists around town.

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Featured Now at Sloan’s Lake Dental

We Like Teachers!<br />
They've Earned A Discount!

We Like Teachers!
They've Earned A Discount!

We appreciate teachers at Sloan’s Lake Dental! As a thank-you to teachers for all the work they do, we offer a $325 dental credit that is exclusive to current and retired teachers in the area.
Learn More.

*Limited Time* Invisalign® Promotional Pricing

Get the straight smile you’ve always wanted. We’re offering Limited Time Invisalign® Promotional Pricing to any new patient who schedules their complimentary consultation! This is often cheaper than your contracted rate by insurance, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity!
Find out if Invisalign® treatment is right for you!
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Denver's Premier TMJ Specialist

Do you suffer from jaw pain? Does your jaw pop, click, or lock? Do you often wake up with headaches?  You may be suffering from TMJ! Dr. Pollack is Colorado’s expert TMJ/TMD Specialist focusing on non-surgical and reversible treatment options.
Learn More

Words from our Patients

Friendly staff and wonderful service. I had a cleaning and had to have some cavities filled. Everyone I encountered was courteous and professional. They were able to get me in on short notice and my cavities were filled quickly and painlessly. Highly recommended on all levels!read more
Chris Trivedi
07:35 04 Dec 18
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! They made my routine cleaning and x-rays painless and easy. They offered great recommendations for up-keep and are conveniently located in the Highlands. They also offer a decent dental package if you don't already have insurance that includes x-rays, cleanings and discounts on any other procedures you might need.read more
Ellen Crossley
00:52 27 Nov 18
I was in sever pain on a Friday Afternoon after the clinic working ours and the Doctor took me in while she was in a meeting!!They took good care of me and dealt with my emergency with great efficiency. They opened the door for my while other offices shut it in my face.I love u so much guys. I'm pain free now thanks to you.read more
Majd Hamda
21:01 15 Nov 18
They are second to none! Always friend, quick, and do an efficient job. Highly recommend them to anyone new or looking for a great experience. Going to the dentist isn’t often a fun experience for people and they make it much better than anyone could expect!read more
Kelly Helling
21:57 24 Oct 18
I love Dr Pollack ! .. She & her team are VERY professional and progressive w/ her dentistry .. She uses the latest and greatest techniques and materials , she’s done some work on me that many other people I saw said could not be done ! .. Always very caring and seems to go the extra mile !! .. And I enjoy getting my teeth cleaned here because they do such a good job .. I appreciate finding this place. Believe me I looked around before coming here !!! .. Also they’ve been very helpful and patient with my payment plans !!!!THANK YOUread more
Ar1iee Ari B
18:12 22 Oct 18
Went for first check-up, staff was friendly and worked quickly to take all the X-Rays, panels, and scans needed. Cleaning was quick and easy and the doctors got me started on a plan right away to fix some issues.read more
Daniel Mccarvel
17:37 21 Sep 18
Just had my first appointment at Sloan's Lake Dental and had a great experience! The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. My appointment was for a cleaning/check-up and X-rays. They offered me advice on my dental needs without being pushy or overbearing, which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend Sloan's Lake Dental for any of your dental needs!read more
Alex Sharp
19:17 13 Sep 18
Excellent service. Very professional and thorough. A very friendly staff in a state of the art office. Highly recommended!read more
Robert Bell
16:19 13 Sep 18
1st impressions are everything and they did amazing, great staff extremely friendly explained things very well I will definitely be returned for continued care!!read more
Mathew Garcia
17:08 27 Aug 18
Great hygienist and dentist. Very friendly and nice. Will be back
Jessica Welser
02:50 01 Aug 18
Every time I visit Sloan’s Lake Dental I have a great experience. They’re always friendly and never keep me waiting. The dental assistants always seem knowledgeable and get their jobs done. I just went in today and the dental assistant that cleaned my teeth was excellent. She then numbed me up in preparation for some filling. I couldn’t even feel the shots and I was numb almost immediately. It was weird and awesome.read more
Daniel Smith
20:51 20 Jul 18
What a cool office. This place is super modern, and the dentists are great. I called for an emergency and they were able to get me in. They’re very communicative in what I need and what the best choices were for me. I really enjoyed that fees were shown to me before anything was done and I wasn’t left guessing with a bill that would soon come to haunt me. I saw Dr. Rojas and he was top notch. He not only focused on what I came in for, but told me what else he saw. He didn’t push me to do it, but was clear what could happen if I didn’t, and offered the best dentistry as that was what he believed in. I’ll be recommending all my friends in the area to this place. Thanks to the friendly staff at this place!read more
Dustin Davis
00:43 13 Jul 18
The staff at Sloan's Lake Dental is amazing!! They are comforting, understanding, patient, and supportive! As someone with TERRIBLE dental anxiety, I appreciate all their efforts immeasurably!read more
Jen Yunker
20:39 06 Jul 18
Dr. Pollack and her team are really amazing. Every time I go in for a cleaning or whatever every one is so nice! Now I am getting my adult braces (Invisalign) through Sloan’s dental. I went to an orthodontists office and they told me it would cost $10,000. Dr. Pollack said that was nonsense and now I am *finally* getting an overdue beautiful smile for more than half the price!read more
Dusty Rose
03:39 03 Jul 18
Excellent staff all around. They saved me from getting a root canal with the suggestion of a night guard, which not only saved me money but has saved me from tooth pain. They also give a discount to teachers! Huge win!read more
Kady Katona
01:39 13 Apr 18
I had been looking for a new dentist and gave Sloans Lake Dental a try. They had a very friendly staff. This was the first office that was respectful of my financial situation and I felt truly listened to what I was looking for/needed. I will definitely be back!read more
Taylor Ferguson
16:06 02 Apr 18
Sloan’s Lake Dental is conveniently located to my apartment and has the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff! I got my wisdom teeth out and experienced a painful dry socket. The owner answered my call at 10pm and made sure to see me on a Sunday morning to ensure nothing major was wrong...that’s great care and service! Will recommend to friends and family!read more
Jared Bucci
13:38 28 Feb 18
They have convenient hours and are very accommodating when I need to reschedule. Everyone I have interacted with has been super nice! Always a pleasant experience.read more
Rachel Dube
17:26 22 Feb 18
I felt very welcome the moment that I walked in. Hadn't actually seen a dentist in a while, and was a little anxious surrounding both how they would relay my current hygenic standings, and how much it was going to physically hurt walking out of the door. It turned out to be not at all worth the worry though, as they were very kind and professional, and did all they could to make sure that I was comfortable throughout the process. Happy to have found a place that know I'll be going back to.read more
Tom Talbot
17:59 09 Feb 18
What a fantastic experience! It'd been awhile since I'd been to the dentist, so I was nervous. But Oscar, one of the dental hygienists, was SO kind, positive and did an excellent job explaining details to me. Dr. Pollack was wonderful to talk with too. She was reassuring and caring. I really enjoyed my experience and will definitely be relying on their services. THANK YOU again!!read more
April Vermillion
04:24 29 Dec 17
This place is great! Well organized and efficient. Victoria the hygienist was very sweet and informative, and made sure i was comfortable as possible during X-ray. The doc was also nice and informative and answered all questions. Felt comfortable with their treatment plan and like it wasn’t just a money making scheme like some place.read more
Hollie Gaeto
18:06 01 Dec 17
Scheduling an appointment has always been easy, and they send several reminders via text, email and call which is appreciated.The two times I've been for cleanings, the hygienist has been extremely thorough, and given lots of information on things I can do to improve my oral hygiene routine. My only criticism is that I've told them multiple times that I do not want to do a fitting for or get a night guard. The most recent time I had to repeat myself four times that I do not want it, and won't be doing a fitting for it. I understand it may be helpful, but I'd appreciate it if they accepted no as the answer and didn't keep making me feel pressured.read more
Amanda Hitchner
22:02 17 Nov 17
I have gone to Sloan's Lake Dental for nearly twenty years. I even have my son fly in from Dallas to get his teeth cleaned here. The people and service are amazing. The teeth cleaning I received yesterday was the best I have ever had. I can't wait to go back in 6 months to get them cleaned again. Seriously. My hygienist was courteous and professional. Another great thing about the practice is that they are on time. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get into my appointment.read more
Clarice Bonzer
21:36 13 Oct 17

We’re Not Your Ordinary Dental Practice

We love what we do and take pride in providing the highest quality, comprehensive dental care to our patients in Sloan’s Lake, the Highlands, and the other neighborhoods near downtown Denver.

Our approach is ‘less is more’ and we treat only what is necessary to help you in maintain good oral health. We will be honest about what we see as a concern in your mouth and fully explain your treatment options. Gaining your trust and keeping you as a happy and healthy patient for the long haul is our goal.

We also focus on prevention. By catching small things early, we can prevent the need for more complicated and expensive dental work later on.

Contact us at Sloan’s Lake Dental today! We look forward to seeing you smile!

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