Dr. Patrick Shaffer- Best Dentist in Lakewood

Patrick Shaffer, D.D.S.

Dentist at Lakewood

Dr. Shaffer has always believed his entry into dentistry was predestined. His grandfather was a dentist, and his mother hung his grandfather’s diploma over his bed when he was younger. When Dr. Shaffer became college-aged his destiny came true and he attended Colorado State University for a degree in Microbiology before graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry with his dental degree. As a dentist, Dr. Shaffer has discovered he loves to learn about his patient’s history. He has heard fascinating life stories ranging from World War I to the Roaring 20s to the Vietnam War; you can always expect him to be interested in your story!

One of Dr. Shaffer’s favorite parts about dentistry is restoring his patient’s smile. He enjoys taking fractured or decayed teeth and restoring them to beautiful and strong teeth to last a lifetime. He also finds it very important to attend continuing education courses to not only learn what new products and techniques are being used, but to confirm that he is presently using the best products and techniques. Dr. Shaffer also likes to volunteer and has provided donated dental care to Veterans and the homeless at Hopefest in Tucson, Arizona.

Outside of the office, Dr. Shaffer is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys downhill skiing, golfing, and hiking. A fun fact about Dr. Shaffer is he has hiked 34 of the 14ers (mountains that exceed 14,000 feet!) in Colorado. He also likes to travel throughout the year with his amazing wife, whom he loves being married to.

Patrick Shaffer, D.D.S.