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  • Our Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder office is off Darley Avenue in the Table Mesa neighborhood of South Boulder.
  • We love being part of South Boulder, with it’s beautiful, laid back neighborhoods and healthy lifstyle, full of bike paths and hiking trails.
  • Our Boulder office offers a comfortable and intimate atmosphere featuring the latest technology and amenities for your comfort.
  • We accept most all dental insurance plans.
  • Discounts are available on all dental treatments with our Dental Advantage Plan. 
  • We welcome new patients!
  • Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder

Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder

4150 Darley Ave #7
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Phone: (303) 494-1550
Email: boulder@dentistryofcolorado.com

Directions to Our Office
We are in the Table Mesa area of So. Boulder just off So. Broadway (Hwy 93) at Darley Ave., near the intersection of Table Mesa Dr. and South Broadway, a short drive from the Boulder Turnpike. See map…

Office Hours

Monday8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

**Open 1st Saturday of each month ONLY

If CLOSED, call for emergencies.

Comprehensive Care Dentistry

No part of the human body functions in isolation. Comprehensive dental care at Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder means we treat your entire mouth including gums, soft tissues, muscles, bite and position of teeth.  Your overall health history is factored in to our thorough approach as well.

Don’t Fear, Relaxation is Here

If you dread going to the dentist, we are here to help. We practice sedation dentistry to help you reach deep relaxation while in our care.  Our patients have access to oral sedation (a pill to relax you), nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or IV sedation to put you to sleep.

Tooth Emergency

24/7 Emergency Care

Dental pain doesn’t have office hours. Our dentists are ready to help ease your ache 24/7. CALL US

Our Office Hours Work for You

We know you are busy and we don’t expect you to work around our schedule. At Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder, we offer early morning and evening appointments throughout the week. And, our office has weekend hours too. Call us to schedule an appointment that works for YOU!

And, for the benefit of our patients, we utilize the latest technologies such as digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras to give our patients the least invasive treatment and quickest healing time possible.

We Can Fulfill All Your Dental Care Needs

At Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder, we offer all the dental services you will need. Our office can treat everything from fillings, implants, veneers, crowns, orthodontics, root canals to treatment for gum issues and oral surgery. Rest assured that our specialists can meet your dental care requirements.

Holistic or integrative dentistry seeks to embrace a more comprehensive view of healing, seeing and caring for individuals in their completeness.

General Dentistry

General Dentistry

DenturesRoot Canals

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

If you experience a dental issue at in inopportune time, we can help. CONTACT US

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We love teachers at Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder! We offer a $325 dental credit as a thank-you to teachers for all that they do. Available to current and retired teachers in the greater Boulder area.
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Get the smile you’ve always wanted for less than $99/month! Free financing and zero down payment options available. Schedule a free consultation today and find out if Invisalign® treatment is right for you! Learn More.

Boulder's Premier TMJ Specialist

Do you suffer from jaw pain? Does your jaw pop, click, or lock? Do you often wake up with headaches?  You may be suffering from TMJ! Dr. Pollack is Colorado’s expert TMJ/TMD Specialist focusing on non-surgical and reversible treatment options.
Learn More

Words from our Patients

I had the most gentle and relaxing teeth cleaning experience by a wonderful dental hygienist, Diana. Thank you for the care and the amazing customer service from everyone. I can’t wait for my next appointment.read more
Anh T
18:41 02 Jan 21
After reviewing a few different locations decided to go here. I couldn't be happier with the decision! The staff was amazing and thorough during my appointment. They answered all of my questions and made me feel welcome. I'm excited to continue coming here going forward.read more
Ricardo Aponte (matenwego)
19:34 01 Dec 20
When to my first appointment very nervous and Anticipating the worst. My experience was nothing like I was expecting the root canal was practically painless and the entire staff treated me like family. I will never use another dentist again! Thank you Dr Sage💙read more
Bree Bree
18:49 23 Nov 20
Hands down the best experience I've ever had at a dentist! The staff was extremely welcoming, accommodating, and made me feel more relaxed than any other dentist I've been to. Every staff member was very knowledgeable and patient as I asked questions. They really go the extra mile and provide quality holistic dental care. Thanks Tina and Cindy!read more
Kristen Currey
18:14 18 Nov 20
Cindy was wonderful she took her time and gave quality care and explained what was being done. When it comes to your teeth it’s nice to work with someone with experience and patienceread more
ian anthony
14:04 11 Nov 20
After years of going to a Dentistry in Denver and hearing I was all good and no issues, I finally got to go in here and they helped me figure out about a misaligned jaw that has been causing me migraines for years. These people were not only patient and sweet, but I could truly tell that they cared about my teeth. 100% recommend.read more
Chloe Theil
23:34 09 Nov 20
What a wonderful team! I'm very appreciative for the time, care and kindness I've received as a new patient here. Thank you so much!read more
Jessica Muniz
23:04 05 Nov 20
Got my back molar crowned yesterday and it was probably one of the best experiences at a dentist office. The Dr. did a good job at numbing me so it was as painless as possible. Now my giant cavity is gone. Nice. I definitely plan on visiting again soon for more dental work.read more
15:12 20 Oct 20
Staff are very professional and friendly. They answered all of my questions with great expertise. Highly recommend.read more
Ryan Snodgrass
03:13 23 Sep 20
Dentistry of Colorado Boulder is the best! Everyone there is so incredibly nice and gentle and as someone who has always been “scared of the dentist” I can not recommend this place more! If you’re looking for a new dentist or have been putting it off, go here. They will walk you through everything and make you feel so comfortable and welcome.read more
rebecca anderson
15:10 30 Jul 20
Great staff, hygienist, and dentist experience. Would be better if the staff committed to weekly COVID testing rather than just passive screening in these fraught times.read more
Thomas Berger
23:15 23 Jul 20
I have been coming to this office for a few years now already. I have had so much trauma around dentist visits from my childhood and have many issues with my teeth. This is the first office I gladly can say I go to and feel better afterwards and the only Office I feel heard and not belittled for all of my fears and concerns. I always receive great advice and help from anyone from the staff and I especially like that it is an all female stuff at the boulder office I go to. I have had an implant done at this office, Dr. Sage is fabulous and took all my fears away and did an amazing job, everything healed well and was almost no pain after the surgery and absolutely no pain during surgery. I get my teeth cleaned by Cindy and she is just the sweetest and most patient and thorough person for me. All in all, I can only recommend this office. If I could give more stars, I would. 🙂read more
Nadja Hradsky
20:52 03 Mar 20
I've been here a few times, and every person I've met has been kind, knowledgeable, helpful, and all-around great. I may try to give myself cavities so I can hang out with them. Just kidding. But, really- I highly recommend them. 👍read more
Kristin Reynolds
18:23 17 Feb 20
I’m so glad to finally have found a great dentist in South Boulder! Got the cleaning of a lifetime today from Cindy, the most thorough teeth cleaning in my life hands down. Friendly and helpful staff all around. I originally went in for a cracked tooth and have since got some crown work done by Dr. Stephanie who was also very helpful and thorough in her craft. I’m always seen on time and greeted by smiling faces, almost makes you want to go back to the dentist!!read more
Mason G
03:23 03 Dec 19
I had not been to the dentist in several years. Everyone was so relaxed and pleasant and not a word to make me feel guilty. Very impressed with their technology -- including 3D modeling of teeth. The dental hygienist provided the best and most comfortable cleaning I've ever had. I highly recommend this practice!read more
Elaine Collins
16:24 30 Nov 19
I feel like my health is cared for by the staff. They are very friendly too! They answer any questions I have and also let me know how I've been doing on keeping my teeth clean. I'm always able to get appointments in a timely manner and it's easy to switch times if I get busy.read more
Ethan Wright
03:20 27 Aug 19
My experience at this dentist office has been great compared to past experiences at other offices. This office is very efficient--I was surprised at how fast and responsive they were, whether it was following up with an appointment request or simply being seen and treated by the dentist. Both the dentist and the hygienist are very informative and are more than happy to explain the procedure or the science behind conditions and their treatments. Prices are also very reasonable when comparing to other offices in the area. I definitely feel comfortable here and will be coming here for now on!read more
Kyo Lee
19:26 26 Aug 19
It's always been a wonderful experience here! The staff is super friendly, welcoming, and receptive to my concerns. More so, I appreciate their knowledge and willingness to give great, in-depth explanations for any questions I have. I love having a detailed idea of what is going on rather than having someone just tell me what I should do about it. Thanks for everything!read more
Shalana Gray
00:01 20 Aug 19
Great dental clinic with even better staff. Receptionists were very polite and responsive. Dr. Stephanie did a great job on my teeth and overall it was one of the my best dental experiences. Definitely recommend!read more
Coconut Johnny
22:19 15 Aug 19
Very friendly people, making the dentist experience as nice as it can be (in reality). I love the capable female dentists. Only complaint is having gotten a $$ night guard, then a year later the dentist said she didn't know why she'd recommended that kind, cuz it's not working.read more
Katie McCaffrey
15:54 31 Jul 19
Amazing service! The staff is very detailed and informative. They helped figure out what my insurance would cover and gave me a clear understanding of what my treatment would be and cost. They answered all my questions and put me at ease! I highly recommend Dentistry of Colorado for all your dental needs!read more
Therese Montecalvo
01:42 18 Jul 19
As a new customer, I was made to feel very welcome, offered water while I waited, and didn't wait long before receiving high quality attention. I had called in advance and didn't really have an appointment. I needed a new crown, and my previous dentist quoted a charge that was simply outrageous. First the dental tech, examined my teeth, took x-rays, and a photo scan of my teeth and bite. it was done in a very professional manner and I got helpful feedback during the examination. The Dentist then came in and confirmed that I needed the new crown, and quoted me a cost that was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the prior Dentist. They immediately prepared my tooth, took impressions, and prepared and installed a temporary crown. The process was painless and efficient, and the entire staff there was friendly and upbeat.Two days later the temporary crown was loose, and I went in (again without an appointment) to get it cemented back in place. The receptionist, welcomed me back, and let me know that the new crown had just arrived and within the next 1/2 hour it was permanently in place. It needed no adjustments, and fit perfectly.The service I received was amazing, and I am now a very happy and satisfied customer. I've already made an appointment (a;ways a good idea ) for my next teeth cleaning, and I plan to be a long term client of this office.read more
Paul Whittle
22:17 11 Jul 19
Staff was very friendly and attentive. Cindy was great at explaining exactly what was going on, what that meant and what I could expect. Dr. Stephanie also was very clear in explaining what she saw. It was an overall great appointment, very gentle, thorough and I felt as if they genuinely cared.read more
Nicole Travis
21:58 25 Jun 19
I've been going to this practice for several years - before Dr. Pollack took it over. Overall the staff are friendly and excellent communicators. Dr. Pollack is professional and has provided excellent care as I've had to have several new crowns over the past couple of years. All of this work has gone smoothly. A couple of years ago I had an unsatisfactory evaluation and cleaning with one of the other dentists who is no longer with the practice. When I raised my concerns to Dr. Pollack, she responded timely and very professionally. She offered to redo the evaluation personally at no charge. I have been very satisfied with the practice ever since. Also, Cindy the hygienist is a great communicator with a sense of humor. She does very meticulous work and explains everything very carefully. She answers my questions clearly and completely. She actually makes the cleaning fun if you can imagine that!read more
Steve Tuber
18:50 14 Jun 19
I've been going to this practice for several years - before Dr. Pollack took it over. Overall the staff are friendly and excellent communicators. Dr. Pollack is professional and has provided excellent care as I've had to have several new crowns over the past couple of years. All of this work has gone smoothly. A couple of years ago I had an unsatisfactory evaluation and cleaning with one of the other dentists who is no longer with the practice. When I raised my concerns to Dr. Pollack, she responded timely and very professionally. She offered to redo the evaluation personally at no charge. I have been very satisfied with the practice ever since. Also, Cindy the hygienist is a great communicator with a sense of humor. She does very meticulous work and explains everything very carefully. She answers my questions clearly and completely. She actually makes the cleaning fun if you can imagine that!read more
Steve Tuber
18:50 14 Jun 19
I have been going here for the past two years and have had only great experiences! The past couple times I have had Cindy who is excellent and very kind. Will definitely continue to go there.read more
Gabriella Hunt
19:48 06 Jun 19
I’ve never been one to enjoy going to the dentist, but coming here is a different experience. The staff are very welcoming, professional, fun, and knowledgeable. Double high five to Cindy for being so caring and positive. She gets me pumped for hygiene!read more
Bryan Rodriguez
01:26 30 May 19
Truly the best experience I have had with a dentist. I have had cleanings as well as some fairly serious procedures done here, and all were as pleasant as a trip to the dentist could possibly be. The staff is kind, fun to be around, and extremely knowledgeable. They talk of their continuing education, which is standard for all employees. That gave me added confidence that I was getting the best care that the state of the art can provide.read more
14:30 16 May 19
Under new ownership / management results in a far superior than previous experience, from thorough and professional dental hygienist to expertise of the dentist. It's not always good news, but options are thoroughly discussed and all tools are made readily available to understand why, what, when care is needed.read more
Stephanie Barnhizer
19:49 13 May 19
I love going to the dentist! I get to enjoy a view of the Flatirons while I get my teeth cleaned. My hygienist, Cindy, is wonderful! She explains everything as she works. She has is gentle yet thorough. In my 42 years, I’ve never had a cavity, but I needed an implant this past year because I had a retained baby tooth (with no adult tooth to replace it, gasp!) Dr Pollack did an amazing job creating a tooth that fit and matches perfectly! You can’t tell I have an implant! I feel very comfortable and confident with the care I receive.read more
17:35 11 May 19
Great team. Cindy gave, possibly, the best teeth cleaning I have ever had - a true perfectionist - which was so appreciated. Dr Stephanie also fabulous. Quickest two fillings I have ever had. Thank you.read more
Laura Marriott
17:24 23 Apr 19
I am remarkably pleased with Dr. Sage Pollack and entire staff at Dentistry of Colorado - Boulder. I find the depth of their services and commitment to my dental care to be distinctively unique. Why? Multiple Convenient Locations; Oral Surgery, Implant and Family Dentistry all under one-roof; and with a palpable passion for excellence in serving patient-client needs. If it happened once, I would say it was luck. However, I have found myself in urgent need of dental care that required the most intense procedures, quickly, on several occasions. All successful and with my peace of mind that I had the best of care.read more
Robert Runyan
20:08 16 Apr 19
Very laid back vibe and great work. My teeth feel like a million bucks! Thanks!
Bob Story
22:02 09 Apr 19
Cindy V. is the best hygienist . Worth the drive to Boulder . Office staff could not be nicer .Looking forward to being a regular there . Dr. Pollack very conscientious and compassionate judging by her offer for teachers .read more
S King
01:06 07 Apr 19
The whole experience top to bottom was wonderful! I dread the dentist but Cindy and Dr. Stephanie were great! The receptionist was also great in explaining my treatment plan cost and offering assistance.read more
Julia Thorne
02:57 05 Apr 19
Their service is excellent. Cindy is a wonderful hygienist. She is very detail oriented. Amy at the front desk is very helpful. They don't start any procedures without telling you how much it is going to cost. Dr. Stephanie was great as well. Highly recommend this practice!read more
Marty Johnson
18:27 23 Jan 19
Good experience! Had some tooth pain in back right molar crown and they fixed it up quickly and painlessly. They did not need to replace the crown. Some dentists may have done that type of work to generate more income. Feel like this practice is honest and treats people well.read more
Stephen Billings
17:17 30 Dec 18
Great little office. Very personal attention to detail from Amy at the front desk. We're struggling to get a dementia patient prepared to accept artificial teeth The staff and docs have been very helpful and patient with usread more
Sierra Bufe
01:22 27 Dec 18
Such a friendly and accommodating staff. I have had a significant amount of work done here and I have no complaints. Once did a filling fall out and I was able to come in first thing in the morning and have it fixed on the spot. I feel better about my care at this office than I have at a dentist's office in decades. Thank you all!read more
Madelaine Atteberry
21:23 25 Oct 18
Just had an implant done for a missing canine. Dr. Pollack was wonderful. Very professional, made sure I was always comfortable, and very knowledgeable in the procedure. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.read more
Janell Thurnauer
16:43 22 Oct 18
They are the best dentists I have ever had. Great experience from the time you step into the office all the way through the follow up for the next appointments. Clear and straightforward explanations on the treatment proposed and their associated costs. Very friendly staff and I love the pop/rock soundtrack that is always playing in the background.read more
Flavio Caduda
14:41 22 Oct 18
I find FIDB warm and courteous. Cindy was careful and changed to a different cleaning method to accommodate my very sensitive teeth. Everyone was gracious to me even thought I was late to the appointment. I would recommend this dentistry practice.read more
Debbie Ash
11:48 22 Oct 18
This office has been wonderful! Dana, the manager, is incredible and super sweet!! The staff here are excellent and managed to handle our collective anxiety issues about dental work really well. Polluck is also an incredible doctor and listened to all of our concerns.read more
22:08 03 Oct 18
Cindy provided the best cleaning I've ever had. She was incredibly thorough and meticulous with her work. She was also very knowledgeable about current scientific studies related to dentistry. My teeth feel like new! Thanks!read more
Kahle Toothill
14:34 01 Oct 18
From the front desk staff to the hygienist to the doctor, everyone here makes sure you are well taken care of! Dr Stephanie and Raul were thorough and kind and their awesome hygienist Cindy was able to remove orthodontic glue I had leftover from braces 20 years ago!read more
Bree Miller
18:48 28 Sep 18
This dentistry is amazing! just sweet and considerate employees, with a great way of asking the client what they need and assessing their treatment. the hygienist was also such a blessing and really assisted in making the total experience comfortable. i recommend 5 out of 5!!!read more
Daniella E
18:13 27 Sep 18
Dr. Pollack is an incredibly hard working individual and I have felt the same from her incredible staff at each of her dental locations. I recently moved to Boulder and I am just as happy here as I was with her Lakewood practice. In fact I just had my teeth cleaned and I can say without a doubt it was the most thorough cleaning of my life. I always feel as though I am in good hands and genuinely cared for. I highly recommend all Family and Implant locations to those close by.read more
Troy Cushman
00:06 31 Aug 18
The staff was extremely helpful and friendly throughout my whole experience. I look forward to continuing my care here! Thank you!read more
Beth Smith
01:00 15 Jun 18
Great place and great staff , I was offered easy to understand explanations. Very likely to recommend it.read more
Adiact Irias
23:54 14 Jun 18
Really friendly staff, comfortable facilities that don't feel all office-y and linoleum, thorough about checking up with insurance...It makes sense this is the highest rated dentist in Boulder!read more
Leah Weisgal
03:33 02 Apr 18
The service I received at Family Implant and Dentistry is flawless. Pam, at the front desk, is always cheerful and ready to help, and the hygienists and dentists are very knowledgeable. I will be attending Family Implant and Dentistry for a long time.read more
Jimmy Markel
16:27 16 Jan 18
I've only had good experiences here. They are always polite and friendly, offering water or tea. I've had short waits and good service, with good explanations of procedures. They also made suggestions on procedures and scheduling to minimize my bill.read more
Jake Fish
18:54 11 Nov 17
Great customer service. Welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Exceptional dental care. Knowledgeable staff and Dr. Highly recommend this practice!!!read more
Bryan Rodriguez
14:55 14 Oct 17
The staff was extremely helpful and friendly throughout my whole experience. I look forward to continuing my care here! Thank you!read more
Beth Smith
22:50 10 Oct 17
Loved my experience here as much as anyone can love going to the dentist. I was really impressed with the front-of-office staff's insurance knowledge. It was so nice to be able to get a quick answer about my insurance policy's coverage without having to pay upfront or spend time on the phone with my insurance company. The dentist and hygienist were also personable and helpful, without pushing any unnecessary treatments.read more
stacey pedersen
12:50 09 Aug 17

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At Dentistry of Colorado – Boulder, we are committed to making your visit the most comfortable, personalized and affordable experience.

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